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HIDROFRAC®designs and installs facilities related to water management together with El Fortín Construcciones, a company with more than 40 years of experience in onsite construction work. Hidrofrac services include survey, engineering, construction and installation of permanent or temporary facilities.

Hidrofrac has precast concrete and metalworking shops in its construction division, with trained and specialized teams, which allows Hidrofrac to carry out above-ground installation works in accordance with the highest quality and security standards required by the oil & gas industry.

Some of these works are:

• Tank lining with HDPE geomembranes.
• Secondary containment construction around flowback storage tanks.
• Steel or HDPE suction installation in storage pits.
• Lighting systems construction for locations, pits, water stations, etc.

Transfer and pumping
• Water or flowback pipelines construction with layflat hoses, HDPE and steel pipes.
• Pumps and generators bases, utility vaults, etc; concrete construction.
• Loading docks.
• HDPE or steel manifolds in shop fabrication and in situ installation.
• Pipeline bridges for water transfer construction.